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Blaise Greco
Blaise Greco
Blaise A. Greco has been in the business of customer service for over 30 years. Starting 1981, he had a successful early career in retail management. Blaise joined Metropolitan Life Insurance as an Account Representative in 1987. Here, he helped clients make pertinent decisions on their financial portfolio and offered them life, health, property, and casualty insurance, as well as mutual funds and variable annuities to meet their needs. At Met Life, Blaise was consistently within the top 10% of account representatives on a nationwide basis and continually advanced his knowledge base and education through course work. Blaise was soon promoted to agency manager, in charge of recruitment, training and development of new account representatives, and the direct management of a sales team staff of fifteen account representatives.

In 1998, Blaise and his wife Roseann decided to pursue their dream of operating a small family business when they established Biagio’s Subs and Suds restaurant in Hazleton, PA. Here, Blaise took on totally new challenges over a successful and very productive 15-year period. During this time, Blaise oversaw the remodeling, inventory, research, marketing, management, payroll, and intensive customer service necessary to succeed and grow this highly acclaimed business. Blaise and Roseann sold Biagio’s Subs and Suds in 2013, but it continues to operate under new ownership in the successful model established by the Grecos.

Now splitting his time between Central Florida and Northeastern Pennsylvania, Blaise has established an independent Brokerage service that gives him the ability to offer the best products, service and pricing for his customers in the life insurance and annuity arenas.

Blaise A. Greco
Insurance Broker, Greco Brokerage Services
Pennsylvania | Florida
Phone: (570) 401-6008
E-mail: SaintBlaiseGreco@yahoo.com


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