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Financial Advisory
Life Insurance

Greco Brokerage offers whole life, universal life and term life insurance along with fixed annuities, immediate annuities and indexed annuities.

We shop these products and prices for our clients based on their eligibility and needs.

Greco Brokerage gathers fact finding information through a series of interviews to make recommendations on types of life insurance policies and annuity carrier matches. This is done relative to the client’s financial needs, length of time an risk tolerance, as well as affordability. We manage the client’s expectations proactively through a series of open communications.

Greco Brokerage Mission Statement

To Treat our Clients with Honesty and Integrity by doing the Right Thing
To Do what we Say, and to Say what we Mean
To Make Wise Choices by Comparison Shopping the Best Products and Price for our Clients
The Line between Right and Wrong is never blurred at Greco Brokerage


Blaise Greco on the Sam Lesante Show, December, 2022



Blaise Greco is a dedicated, intelligent, knowledgeable, trustworthy insurance agent who has been my agent for at least 30 years. I found him to be fully dedicated, sincere and an agent who gives the best advice for each individual and their needs. I recommend him highly and without reservations.
Victor F Greco, M.D.
His personal qualities include a unique ability to communicate with others, being hard working, exacting and demanding of himself, yet patient and understanding of others. Blaise possesses a sensitivity that has enabled him to deal with and reach all types of people with whom he has contact.
Anthony P. Sidari, Attorney
Blaise Greco is steeped in moral virtue and is honest and sincere. He is cooperative and generous with his time, has a pleasant personality, and works effectively at what he does.
Reverend Maurice L. Raymond
I consider Mr. Greco to be an honest, knowledgeable, and experienced businessman and would not hesitate to work with him in a business-related capacity.
Louis Colangelo, Distributor
Blaise always conducts himself in a pleasant, professional manner. He has been a hard-working and conscientious business owner with a wonderful rapport in his community. His eye for detail is commendable as well.
Sheila J. Stiles, Executive Administrative Assistant
I have been acquainted with Blaise for many years and can state that he has an excellent family background with the highest standard of honor and conduct. He displays a great deal of independence in his thinking and is interested in doing well whatever he has to do. I have found him to be enthusiastic and hard-working.
Rocco Mussoline, School Administrator
Blaise has a super personality, a sincere concern for other people along with a boundless source of energy. If there is any one person that I would recommend for a position that deals with people, Blaise Greco would definitely be that person.
James McGarry, CLU
I have had the opportunity to become acquainted with Mr. Blaise Greco over the past few years. My experience with him has been on both a business/professional level as well as a personal level...It has been my experience that he totally commits to whatever business he is associated with...He is a person of integrity and honesty. I would have been thrilled to have him as part of my Company's team.
Pat Genetti, Real Estate Agent
I have had the pleasure of knowing Blaise Greco for over thirty-five years. He has been a fellow colleague and associate in the Life Insurance industry, when I started my professional insurance sales carrier. He has been an entrepreneur and risk taker in purchasing and successfully operating his own small business... Blaise is the type of person that I could always relay on and considered to be one of my go-to guys when and if I need help with something. His character is flawless and unwavering. He will always do the right thing even it means him potentially losing a sale.
Kenneth Mazzie, Insurance Executive