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Blaise A. Greco
Blaise A. Greco
Nearing 4 decades of experience, Blaise Greco has shown to be a boundless source of energy with a sincere concern for people.

Most of that time has been sent in the Financial Advisory industry with a concentration regarding high net worth Life Insurance and Annuities, Blaise understands the fine intricacies of life insurance and annuities with years of hands-on experience. This makes him an expert in this field.

Greco Brokerage provides a mixture of old fashioned face-to-face or over-the-phone customer service.

With office locations in both Northeastern Pennsylvania and Central Florida to serve his clients, Blaise has a brokerage affiliation with four Field Marketing Organizations (FMOs) throughout the USA and these FMOs each specialize in specific products & services. Blaise can offer his clients the best product and price while shopping great companies with great rates.

Blaise A. Greco
Financial Advisor / Broker, Greco Brokerage Services
Pennsylvania | Florida
Phone: (570) 401-6008
E-mail: SaintBlaiseGreco@yahoo.com

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