54-year-old Man Traumatic Brain Injury

Case Study #1

This case study involves a male client age 54 who is a non-smoker and in excellent health. However, three years prior to our business together, this man had suffered a traumatic brain injury which left him hospitalized for two months. During this hospitalization, the man was placed in a induced coma and had cranioplasty surgery where part of his skull was removed and he needed to have it reattached months later after an intense rehabilitation program.

An avid believer in life insurance, the man bought policies in different situations and for different needs over the years, resulting in a total of 9 life insurance policies with 5 different, very recognized insurance companies. His annual premiums for these 9 policies totaled $10,540.00 annually for a total of $4,000,000 (four million dollars) of coverage. When this man wanted to consolidate his coverage to one policy with the same $4 million benefit, he found some resistance due to his previous brain injury.

That’s where Greco Brokerage came in.

We contacted several insurance companies through our field marketing organizations until we found the right product and price for this client. Ultimately, we were able to secure him the $4,000,000 policy that he sought with a top-rated company and with in the best possible rating class of “Preferred Plus”. Best of all, we were able to actually reduce his annual premium down to $7,165.00 (from the original total of $10,540.00) for a savings of $3,375.00 per year. Bottom line: over the course of the next 15 years of this term policy, this client will save a total of $50,625.00 while maintaining the same benefit.

This is what we mean when we say Greco Brokerage Shopping Products and Price for Our Clients!